Instagram Rolling Out Captions for Stories, Reels to Get It Soon: How to Use

Instagram is rolling out its anticipated Captions features for Stories. The social media platform announced the rollout in a handful of countries and also confirmed that it will trickle down to Reels in the future. Captions will enable users to watch and understand video on Stories even without keeping the sound on. This looks to … Read more

Instagram to Create Marketplace to Connect Brands, Influencers; Will Help Creators Earn From Recommendations

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday the company will build new features starting with Instagram for content creators to earn money from recommending products on the app and a marketplace to help connect brands with influencers. While speaking with Adam Mosseri, head of Facebook-owned Instagram, during a livestreamed video, Zuckerberg also said the social … Read more

Instagram Live Rooms Takes on Clubhouse by Allowing Users to Switch Off Video, Sound

Instagram Live Rooms has rolled out a new feature in which hosts will be able to mute their audio like you would in a Zoom or Google Meet call. According to Mashable, Instagram Live users will also be able to turn off video for chats, the new feature is similar to the popular audio-based app … Read more

Instagram Dabbles With Letting Users Hide ‘Like’ Counts on Their Posts

Instagram on Wednesday said it is dabbling with letting users hide “like” counts in an effort to ease the pressure of seeking approval from others. If an experiment at Instagram shows the option is a hit, it could be made permanent and even extended to Facebook, which owns the image-centric social network. “In 2019, we … Read more

Mumbai Police Asking Followers Not to Reply to Every WhatsApp Message: Find Out Why

Mumbai Police is always on point when it comes to creative ways of dispersing important public service announcements on the social media. From following road safety rules to COVID-19 related norms, the police department does know how to hammer home vital messages on its various social media platforms. In an ingenuous post on Instagram on … Read more

Instagram Reels to Show Advertisements in India, More Countries

Facebook on Thursday said it will begin testing ads on its TikTok clone Instagram Reels in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia, as the social media giant aims to make money from its short-form video feature. The company is seeking to capitalise on its popularity in India, a fast-growing social media market, while rival TikTok has been … Read more

NASA Shares an Image of a ‘Cosmic Rose’. Here’s What It Is

If you are someone who loves sky-gazing, reading about outer space, researching about celestial bodies, or scouring the Internet to extract images or videos of galaxies, then a new Instagram post by the NASA will leave you awestruck and smiling. Shared on the official Instagram handle of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, the post has an … Read more

Man Behind ‘Dude With Sign’ on Instagram to Launch NFT Collection

A man standing with a placard, protesting against relatable issues. Sounds familiar? He also just offers suggestions on basic etiquette sometimes like “Stop standing up when the plane lands”. Seth Phillips is that man on busy and sometimes not-so-busy streets, eliciting smiles from passers-by. His unique Instagram account (@Dudewithsign) that has photos of the him … Read more

For Many Indians, Twitter Has Become a Hope to Survive in This Pandemic

Rishika Rao, a Jaipur-resident, who owns a digital marketing agency, found that the way she has been using Twitter through the pandemic has slowly changed. For a huge section of Indians, desperate in the face of the pandemic, trying to find help and relief for their friends and family, Twitter has become the place to … Read more