Melania Trump: Ex-girlfriend on First Lady: “Has blood on her hands”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former best friend and advisor to Melania Trump, passes a harsh judgment on the first lady after storming the Capitol.

  • Melania Trump is the wife of the elected US President Donald Trump.
  • Reports from their former confidants Stephanie Winston Wolkoff according to the first lady Melania Trump but anything but cautious.
  • You can find out all about the 45th President of the United States and his family on Trump News.

Washington DC – Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is an entertainment manager, former Vogue event planner and: one of the former best friends and closest advisors the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. But this friendship has long been in ruins, Wolkoff has turned away from her former confidante and since then has been shooting at full barrel at the wife of the outgoing US president Donald Trump.

Melania Trump: In public, she was reluctantly in the shadow of her husband Donald. Behind the scenes, she is said to have driven him.

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Wolkoff on Melania and Donald Trump: “Shocking, awful, discouraging and shameful”

In a guest article for the American news magazine “The Daily Beast” she picks up her former friend Melania Trump now according to all the rules of the art and does away with the often ridiculed role of First Lady at the side of her narcissistic husband.

Even the introduction is tough. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff writes: “What we have all seen since the day Donald J. Trump sworn in when the 45th President of the United States is a criminal. And what I have personally experienced since his election on November 8, 2016 is shocking, terrible, disheartening and shameful. Every single MAGA mob rioter who stormed the US Capitol did so ‘on the instructions and in coordination with’ President Trump. It was an attack on human life and our great democracy. Unfortunately, our president and ours don’t care First Lady Melania Trump little – if at all. “

“Melania Trump and her husband have no character or moral compass”

Wolkoff takes the environment from Donald and Melania Trump directly to duty: “Everyone around them has caressed and stoked their ego, they have all willingly agreed to all the lies disguised as truth on which the house is built from mirrored walls. I am personally responsible for making Melania possible in the first place and for letting her use me in the name of our friendship. I cannot believe how blind I was to the depth of their delusions and their lack of general decency. “

The businesswoman regrets that she is unable to say that she is Donald Trumps Machinations shocked. Neither does the booming silence of Melania Trump to them, she saw both coming: “Melania knows how best to read from a teleprompter and not from your heart. You and her husband Donald have no character and no moral compass. Though my intentions that First Lady to support them in their initiatives, have always been pure, I am discouraged and ashamed of having worked with Melania. “

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff: “Melania Trump has managed to remain a mystery”

Over the years got Melania Trump refined her image, created her fairy tale and managed to remain a “riddle”, writes Wolkoff, whereupon she no longer felt obliged to “protect” her former friend. Wolkoff compares Trump to Michelle Obama, her predecessor as First Lady der USA: “Michelle was beautiful, brilliant, and wise inside and out, and despite constant criticism, has actually adopted programs to help children and military families instead of just talking about them.”

Melania Trump on the other hand, she said, right from the start, she resigned herself to not being accepted “by the media”, which is why she did not even try to implement her own agenda: “She leaves no legacy or profile that she is proud of as the First Lady of the United States could be, ”writes Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. She herself made a “life-changing mistake” by continuing to work for the First Lady worked: “I knew how toxic the environment is when I planned the inauguration ceremony. How stupid i was I really thought I could make a difference in this den of thieves. “

Melania Trump “no better than Donald in her addiction to attention”

The First Lady was “no better in their addiction to attention than Donald“, Writes Wolkoff. Melania Trump missed their unique chance to create a platform to improve the lives of children in the US. Instead, she smiled in cameras and tried to spruce up her husband’s image and make him look like a great entertainer.

First Lady Melania Trump will be leaving the White House in a few days.

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A jacket that Melania Trump during a visit by unregistered immigrant children to the border with Mexico, caused a lot of media attention in the USA. The jacket read: “I really don’t care.” Stephanie Winston Wolkoff makes it clear: “That wasn’t a fashion mistake. That is exactly what they think. Your duties and opportunities as First Lady they just don’t care. ”

Wolkoff’s verdict: “Melania Trump represents what’s wrong in America”

Wolkoff passes a damning verdict: “Melania Trump represents what is going wrong in America. She gets away with anything because in America, white, “beautiful” women who keep quiet always get away with it. Melania creates “wonderful” parties, events and rooms and appears “sweet and caring” to children. All of these ideas go back to the 1950s when women were quiet and pretty, racism was rampant, immigrants did the dirty work, and men made fortunes in dirty ways. “

At its core, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff said Melania Trump “Machiavellian”: “She wants to win at all costs. And make it look good while doing it. Melania knows exactly what is going on around her. She always had her own agenda: Be the best, no matter what it costs. ”Wolkoff asks himself rhetorically how Melania Trump will deal with the attempted coup by Trump fans: “Now, when kids ask their parents why people destroyed our Capitol, what will their answer be? Will she keep spreading the lie that it was the Antifa? Or will she tell the truth? Say, that Donald Trump was the arsonist who started the riot with his lies? He, his children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani incited their followers to violence and incited people. “

Melania Trump’s former girlfriend on Donald Trump: “He should finally pay a price”

Wolkoff emphasizes that Melania Trump anything but a victim of her husband Donald Trump is: “Many still believe that Melania is powerless. But don’t be fooled. Melania knows and supports Donald and his points of view. The truth is that she actually encourages him to be aggressive. She’s his greatest cheerleader. “Wolkoff writes about the outgoing president:” He should finally pay a price. Nobody is above the law. “

That Melania Trump on behalf of her husband Donald Trump Wolkoff does not believe that he could show remorse: “People in America are dying of COVID because of his inability. If Melania had an ounce of Eleanor Roosevelt in her, she would be out there helping our nurses and doctors, handing out the vaccine and helping the boards. Instead, they will leave the White House with no regrets, leave corpses behind and drive to Mar-a-Lago without looking back. ”As the headline for her article, Wolkoff chooses the words:“ Melania Trump has blood on her hands. ”(Mirko Schmid)

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