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After the riot at the Capitol in Washington DC, Twitter and Facebook blocked Donald Trump’s account. A speech announced by Fox News did not take place.

  • The voted out US-Präsident Donald Trump* wanted on Monday evening for the first time since his banishment from social media platforms Twitter and Facebook to hold a talk – But it did not get to that.
  • The Senate Democrats have a resolution for one Impeachment of Donald Trump* submitted. They also call on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump.
  • Trump had the riot in Washington convicted in a video message shortly before his social media ban. He is accused of inciting his followers to violence with lies.

+++ 9.30 p.m.: And suddenly is from one Rede Donald Trumps nothing to see anymore. “Fox News“Changed the title of the video. After a press conference on the corona crisis * in the USA * the TVBroadcaster on an interview with Mike Pompeo. The Secretary of State, who is still in office for two weeks, speaks at an event called the Voice of America.

Donald Trump wanted to speak for the first time in public after Twitter and Facebook blocked his accounts – but nothing came of it. (Archive photo)

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Pompey had lifted the status of “complex internal restrictions” for US diplomats in dealing with Taiwan * on Saturday (January 9th, 2020). In the interview broadcast live, Pompeo explained this step with the special importance of human rights within the USA and within the Trump-Administration.

Fox News changes title of the video: But no talk of Donald Trump?

+++ 8.15 p.m .: When the live stream of “Fox News“Starts over the Donald Trumps first speech since his suspension Twitter and Facebook to be broadcast is currently unclear. Most recently it was postponed to 9:15 p.m. German time. Before that, the start of the live stream was scheduled for 7.30 p.m. The live stream on Youtube has started – but it shows a press conference on the corona pandemic * in the US state of Texas, which the news channel of “Fox News“,” NewsNow “broadcasts. Was the stream previously called “President Trump Speaks After Big Tech Shutdown ”, the updated title reads more vaguely:“ Will President Trump Speak Today After Social Media SHUTDOWNS?“.

First report from Monday, January 11th, 2021, 7:28 p.m .: Several days was Donald Trump not to be seen, now he is obviously looking for contact with the public again. As usual, he is largely denied access to social media: in response to the violent riots in the US capital Washington on January 6th, 2021 Twitter* and Facebook the accounts of Donald Trump. A live stream that the US broadcaster “Fox News“* On Youtube is supposed to start at 7.30pm German time and is entitled” President Trump Speaks After Big Tech Shutdown “. What Trump will be announced there is still completely unclear.

Donald Trump: Twitter banned him to prevent further incitement to violence

Especially on Twitter The elected president was active almost every day until then and has posted around 56 thousand tweets since May 2009. 89 million accounts followed him on the short message service. The lock on Twitter should apply for life – and is apparently rigorously enforced by the American operator. Tweets that Donald Trump attempted on the presidential account with the username POTUS (for “President of the United States”), were deleted shortly afterwards. In them he complained that Twitter ever sharper action against freedom of expression, behind his lock he suspected a conspiracy Twitter, in which the Democrats and the “radical left” is said to have been involved.

The enterprise Twitter justifies his decision Trump Denying access to the platform at the risk of the outgoing president. He could “incite violence” to other people by the official end of his term of office on January 20, 2021.

After riots in Washington: Wife Melania Trump also speaks out

His wife Melania Trump* already addressed the public with a written message on Monday. It is now true that the country and its people must be healed now. It condemns the violence on and in the Capitol in Washington, the seat of the US Parliament. And she thanks everyone for everyone’s support for her and her husband Donald Trump in the last four years: “It was the honor of my life to serve as your first lady.” What reads like an emotional farewell to the Amit over the course of the day is apparently composed in parts of sentences that Melania said in a speech to the Republican National Congress in August 2020. This is what the White House correspondent for CNN, Kate Bennett, came to after comparing the two speeches.

Surprisingly, the US President, who was first voted out and then muted, received something like backing from the Chancellor Angela Merkel. She sees the accounts blocked by Donald Trump by Facebook and Twitter critical *, as government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced on Monday afternoon (January 11, 2021). The Federal Government considers it “fundamentally problematic” that a large amount of justiciable content is also freely circulating on the Internet. The fundamental right to freedom of expression can only be interfered with “within the framework defined by the legislature, not after the decision of the corporate management of social media platforms”, according to Seibert.

USA: impeachment proceedings initiated against Donald Trump

Meanwhile they have Democrats impeachment proceedings initiated against Donald Trump. It is questionable whether this will work out successfully. The Democrats would have to 17 republican on your side in the Senate in order to achieve the two-thirds majority necessary for impeachment. If they succeed, they should Donald Trump never again as a candidate for one US election compete. (Matthis Pechtold) * is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network

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