Donald Trump: New York City wants to terminate contracts with Trump Organization after storming the Capitol

The violent uprising of his supporters in Washington a week ago is not only causing increasing political pressure for Donald Trump. His hometown New York City now also wants to end business relations with the Trump Organization, the corporate empire of the outgoing president.

“The contracts make it very clear that we have the right to terminate the contract if a company, the management of a company, is involved in criminal activities,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio the TV channel MSNBC. “Inciting an uprising against the United States government is clearly a criminal activity.” His city should in no way be associated with these “unforgivable acts,” said the Democrat.

The Trump Organization consists of a network of hundreds of companies. It has also signed contracts with New York City to operate a carousel, two ice rinks and a golf course. According to de Blasio, the attractions bring in Trump’s company $ 17 million annually.

The House of Representatives is due to vote on Wednesday evening, German time, but a final decision will only be made in the Senate (read here how the process works exactly).

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