Donald Trump “celebrates” at the wall: Health minister warns of corona super spreaders among fans

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In the last days of his tenure, Donald Trump is driving to the border with Mexico and visiting the structure that once started it all.

  • Donald Trump is still president the USA. However, he lost the 2020 US election to Joe Biden.
  • Before the Handover an Biden, visited Trump again the Mauer at the border to Mexico. The local authorities fear one CoronaSuperspreaderEvent.
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+++ 22.00 Uhr: Donald Trump was quite short this time. His speech in Alamo in the US state of Texas before Wall on the US southern border with Mexico It lasted just 22 minutes – a rather short address for the usually much more talkative president. For this he did not save with self-praise. Spent much of his speech Donald Trump at least by praising his immigration policy ..

Donald Trump wants to travel to the wall on the Mexican border on Thursday to be “celebrated”. (Archive photo)

© Samuel Corum/Mediapunch/Imago Images

He also used the appearance for a dark one Warning to the Democrats and the future US president Joe Biden. Measures now taken against him would fall back on them, threatened Donald Trump. “The 25th Amendment is zero risk to me, but it will come back and haunt Joe Biden and the Biden government.” He added, “Be careful what you want.”

Donald Trump wants to be “celebrated” at the wall in Mexico. (Archive photo)

© Samuel Corum/MediaPunch/Imago Images

Based on the 25. Amendment to the Constitution the Vice President of the United States may declare the President with a majority of important cabinet members incapable of continuing the office of President. The Democrats are under pressure on the Vice President following the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of Trump Mike Pence made to oust Trump before the end of his presidency next week.

Donald Trump visits wall to Mexico: Corona risk feared by the onslaught of his fans

Update from January 12th, 2021, 2.30 p.m .: Alamo – Donald Trump plans on Thursday the Mauer at the mexican border to visit. The departing US President want on site “to celebrate”that around 400 miles of the wall were completed in his tenure. However, there are concerns about Trump’s visit. The Texan Minister of Health fears that the event will turn out to be Superspreader-Event for the Coronavirus could develop. This is reported by the American news portal “The Daily Beast”.

Minister of Health Ivan Melendez concretizes that Trump-Fans could be on site. “I am very concerned that there may be a transmission if there is Crowd without social distance, ”says Melendez. In addition, there is a fear that none of the supporters present will wear a mask, he adds.

Donald Trump plans to visit the wall on the Mexican border. The local health department fears a superspreader event. (Archive photo)

© SMG/Zuma Wire/Imago Images

Melendez hopes for a rigorous one Take action the Security guards. However, he expects it to be resistance will come. “But what the law enforcement agencies are trying and what the masses are doing are two different things,” he insists.

First report from January 11th, 2021, 12 noon: Alamo / Texas – Nach den Riots in Washington it’s quiet about Donald Trump become. The reason for this is, among other things, the US President’s Facebook and Twitter bans. But now comes Move into history. As “NBCDFW” and “Dailymail” report unanimously, the US Republican is once again on the road. And precisely to the limit Mexicowhich is located in Alamo / Texas, among others.

But what is the US head of state planning to do there on Thursday (January 14th, 2021)? According to “Dailymail” would like Donald Trump Duly celebrate the fact that 400 miles of the wall on the border with Mexico were completed under his presidency. In addition, he wanted to US President The fact that illegal immigration has decreased thanks to the “Wall” is praised and praised.

US President Donald Trump travels to Mexico and wants to “celebrate” the construction of the Wall

Jason Miller, campaign advisor Donald Trumps, has already announced the President’s visit. “Trump will visit the American border with Mexico to celebrate the construction of the wall”.

The construction of the wall was a large part of the election platform that the then presidential candidate against Hillary Clinton ran in 2016. Promised then Donald Trumpthat Mexico would have to pay for the construction costs. The fact is, however, that so far the American taxpayers have had to pay for Trump’s heart project in full. As the “Daily Mail” further reports, a large part of the wall was only erected last year. The USA had put “millions” into the construction to complete the project.

After the riot in the Capitol – First appearance by US President Donald Trump

The current president’s visit will be his first public appearance since the riot in Washington. Last week, the Republican incited his supporters to the riot. That is why the Democrats want to initiate an impeachment against Donald Trump. In the meantime, the politician was completely submerged – it was therefore speculated that Trump could prepare his escape to Scotland. He has lost his closest supporters. Including Mick Mulvaney, Betsy Devos and Elaine Chao. A premature one Impeachment would be another defeat For Donald Trump. (Moritz Serif, Tobias Utz)

Rubriklistenbild: © Samuel Corum/Mediapunch/Imago Images

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