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Carroll News Online was founded in late-2018 by Roy Wilson, a former mathematics professor at Delaware Technical Community College. Our aim is to cover all kinds of interesting scientific news in the following main areas:

  • Biology
  • Paleontology
  • Medicine and health
  • Applied Sciences
  • Space and astronomy

As scientists and educators ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to build a science news website that can give some real insight into the significance of each piece of research we report on, and we are very much in the loop when it comes to the most interesting new discoveries. We are avid readers of all kinds of scientific publications, and when we see an area of research that we think the world should know about, we report on it here. Every single story we’ve published is, in our eyes, something of major importance.

March 2020
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VPN Corner

In addition to submitting content to Carroll News Online, we are also doing some heavy research on VPN's and the best Virtual Private Networks to use around the world. This is an ongoing effort. So far, we've contributed research on WannaFlix, Surfshark and Lantern. Have a read of those articles if you are seeking a VPN (we recommend Surfshark for browsing

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