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Ask a group of dice players if they prefer to play with a rhythmic roller or setter. When asked, they most often reply, “Roll the dice.” You’ve had the opportunity to play with multiple dice makers, and most likely say Lime Roller.

He has only seen two rhythmic shooters at the craps table in years. Rhythm Shooter controls the dice and can roll the dice according to the rhythm to get an unbeatable score. The first is pretty average and the second is amazing.

Played Gacole Cube for the first time. We met in Tunica, Mississippi. I saw him playing his The Horseshoe by himself, so I sat at a nearby table and watched him. A red chip turned green and then black. i know he is fine.

First I noticed that his left hand was leaning toward the table, his palm resting on the felt. Then he seemed to tap the cloth rhythmically, but it didn’t. Oddly enough, it worked. It is important to remember that the halo69 rhythmic rollers tend not to stay in the same position when fluffing the felt. But he did.

I think he asked the dealer to “keep her going” but I never heard him say so. But the bet he made was very tempting.
This is especially noticeable when the dealer bets $54. Most of the time, even when the stick needs to be replaced, the stickman keeps moving the cube towards him. This is very useful for rhythmic rollers.

They were held for another 30 minutes and he looked angry. Then he parted. I asked the dealer on his next shift if he had seen him. I explained her looks and they said she went to Hollywood to meet her friends. I felt like a leech and was so lucky I ran towards him. It was making noise. When I asked him how he got so good at it, he replied, “Oh, luckily I’m not very good.”

I’m wearing my lucky hat too!

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