New light and strong magnesium alloy developed by researchers

A method to create stronger and lighter magnesium alloys was developed by a group of researchers from Monash University, Australia.

Currently magnesium alloys cannot be used in certain fields, in particular those that require a thermomechanical application, because they are often subject to deformation. Precisely for this reason, this material cannot be used in place of steel despite being resistant and light.

The new technique developed by the engineers of the Australian university keeps the typical characteristics of magnesium intact, while improving the structural integrity and thus ensuring that it can be used, for example, also in the aerospace industry or in the automotive industry.

The study, published in Nature Communications, describes the method used by researchers which involves the use of an X-ray mapping.

According to Jian-Feng Nie, lead author of the study, this light magnesium has a huge potential especially for those applications with low energy consumption and environmentally friendly.

The alloy, in addition to magnesium, involves the use of neodymium and silver.