N Korea denies Kim murder involvement

HONG KONG: Thousands Join Rally Backing Jailed Hong Kong Police Officers February 22

Tens of thousands of off-duty police rally against police sentencing

Stolen Nazi gate returns to concentration camp

French artist to live in rock for a week

UKRAINE: Nationalists Gather in Kiev to Commemorate Euromaidan Revolution February 22

Opinion Journal: Trump’s Illegal Immigration Crackdown

Opinion Journal: Why Is Trump Still Campaigning?

Opinion Journal: Make Patriotism Great Again!

SYRIA: Massive Aerial Bombardment Targets Rebel Held Area Near Israeli Border February 22

British suicide bomber in Iraq had won compensation for Guantanamo stay

Syria talks resume, but peace elusive

Ukraine nationalists march to demand new leadership

SYRIA: Turkish Backed Rebels Report Gains in Western al Bab Against Islamic State February 22

Footage Emerges of Harrison Ford’s Aviation Near Miss

Ex-Hong Kong leader jailed in fall from "such a height"

Amnesty slams Trump’s "poisonous" rhetoric

Dead migrants wash up on Libyan beach from boat with no engine

Bolivians rally against Morales’ bid for reelection

UK: WW2 bomb detonated in Portsmouth harbour

Woodford family leave Port Augusta court

POLITICS: Israeli PM in Historic Visit to Australia Various

Qld election to be held on new boundaries

Polygamous women dress as ninjas in bizarre attack

HONG KONG: Thousands Join Rally Backing Jailed Hong Kong Police Officers February 22

Nursing home worker performs lewd acts on 100-year-old man

Ahmed Fahour quits as Australia Post CEO

Guatemala: U.S Homeland Security chief says there will be ‘no mass deportations’

USA: 50,000 residents evacuated after San Jose hit by worst floods in a century

Thousands to lose Sunday penalty rates

US VA: Humpback Whale Stuns Family on Boating Trip February 19

Cocaine cruise ship plot: From exotic holiday snaps to possible prison time

Adelaide’s Afternoon Newsbyte 23/2/17

CHINA: Deliverymen From Rival Food Deliver Apps Clash in Southeast China February 13

State govt support for Coca-Cola workers

Trump, Turnbull call not an issue: Bishop

Victorian Speaker Telmo Languiller to repay allowance

McGowan refuses to submit Treasury costings

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