The More Holidays Change, The More Tedium Stays The Same


Image: Forbes

When the holidays roll around, we have to ask ourselves an impossible question: Is spending time with those you love, those who made you the person you are today, really worth having to fix your mom’s phone again? You just fixed it a month ago! Technology may shape our holiday experience, but tradition stays the same.

Image: Nick DeSantis

This year, we should be thankful that we don’t have to catch our own food anymore — at worst buying it from a grocery store, at best making some startup mail it to us. Hopefully, the robots that prepare our holiday feasts for us in the future will have their own startups that let them skip the grocery store.

Image: Nick DeSantis

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You love your family; you just can’t handle their pent up parental emotions smothering you for a week. They’re great, though. We get it. We should be thankful that we no longer have to rely on our imaginations to sneak a breather. We just hope no one minds the VR rig we use to escape in a few years.

Image: Nick DeSantis

Ever think about what’s going on during a flight? You’re in a chair in the sky mounted on rockets. This year, we should be thankful that though we’re cramped and uncomfortable during our travels, they take far less time. Technology moves ever forward, but packing travelers into confined spaces is forever.

Image: Nick DeSantis

Celebrating all we’re thankful for is fine, but what’s really important is getting sweet deals on material possessions. Black Friday, named for the color of the mark the day’s shopping experience leaves on your soul, became far easier with the advent of e-commerce. Drone commerce, though, might help our souls recover.

So, as you sit amongst your family, belts loosened, listening to your dad’s Arnold Schwarzenegger impression while your mom recounts all the cute things their dogs did over the past few months, remember that the holidays are a time of being thankful for who and what you have — even if you had to fly space coach to be around it.